Why We Don’t Specialize in an Industry

by Aug 9, 2022Blog

One concern we have noticed quite a few business owners have when they approach us at events is they’re worried about whether we would work with their direct competitors. To ease any concerns around this topic, we decided to create a separate blog to focus solely on the question of why we don’t specialize in a specific industry. 

This article is one in a series of deep-dive blogs that are educational content. These longer-form articles inform our readers about not only essential marketing information but also our personal feelings and values that we hold as a business. Make sure to read our related blog in the series after this, “How Do I Choose the Right Google Ads Agency?” 

The pros

Before we get to the downsides of working with an agency that specializes in an industry, let’s talk about why a lot of business owners really like this option. 

When marketing agencies specialize in a certain type of industry, they bring an expertise that makes the learning curve a lot easier. Sometimes with agencies like that, it’s as simple as an onboarding fee and then you’re off and running. Usually, they will have a template that they know works and will come in with knowledge of what doesn’t work in your industry. 

Plus, some marketing agencies like the networking involved with industry specialists. They know that if they do right by one client, say a dentistry, then the dentists will recommend their agency to other dentistry practices and they can build a repertoire amongst a community. Since they have built trust amongst the dentistry practices, they will then be invited to events and clubs that allow them to grow their presence more. It’s a loop that keeps giving; it’s up to you as a business owner to decide whether you think an agency like that is right for your business.

The cons

For some people, it’s great to have an agency that’s in your industry. However, there are also some potential downsides if you’re not careful. The first one is that sometimes their knowledge can lead to a “one size fits all” template that they will use to just slap onto your marketing without taking into consideration what makes your business unique. Since they know what works and what doesn’t, they sometimes develop cookie-cutter solutions. 

The second downside to specializing in an industry, especially those that serve local businesses, is your marketing agency could be working with your direct competitors. A marketing agency works very closely with your business and your numbers. That insider information that they have about you and your direct competitors may subconsciously (or consciously!) influence the decisions they make with you. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to be doing the exact same solutions as your direct competitors. 

At marketANDgrow, this is why we don’t service two businesses within 50 miles of one another, especially when they’re local brick-and-mortar businesses. Whether conflict happens or not, we want you to rest assured that there is no way a conflict of interest could happen in the first place. Prospects will ask if Sajid, our founder, has expertise in their industry. He will tell them no right out. Sure, that means his learning curve is higher, but it also ensures that we don’t apply a cookie-cutter solution to your business’s unique problem. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want an agency that might just give you an onboarding fee and then apply their one size fits all solution, or do you want a boutique agency that will put in the work to understand you and your competitors? 

The choice is yours

We have a few blogs already on how to do your due diligence when choosing a marketing agency, and what we look for in clients, as well. Our blog “How Do I Choose the Right Google Ads Agency?” helps explain everything you need to know about what decisions you will make in choosing an agency, and what questions you should consider asking during your onboarding process. We also have a blog titled, “What Happens During a Discovery Call?” where we talk about our due diligence process, which may offer some insight into what an agency that you’re looking to hire should ask about. 

If the agency is not asking about your CEO, team, data, or specific details, they are probably not in the business of giving you unique and personalized attention. Before we even get on a discovery call with prospective clients, they have to answer a questionnaire that lets us know some of those answers upfront. The reason we do this is that we want them to be successful long-term so we can be successful with them. If a marketing agency isn’t putting in the time to really understand your business, they probably won’t be able to ensure long-term success. A good marketing agency should hold you accountable. 

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